Need help upgrading to the latest nightly


Hello everyone! I recently started using Haiku as my primary OS, and thus far it has been a rather fun experience! Given that I have no experience with it prior, there’s a few things that I have yet to learn. One thing that I dont yet quite understand it the update system that Haiku uses. As of currently I am using hrev51740, but I did notice that a newer build was available (hrev51750). I attempted to follow the “Updating and downgrading your system” guide under the Daily Tasks, but the SoftwareUpdater states that “There were no updates found”. I browsed around, and saw a reccomendation that I should run “pkgman full-sync” in the Terminal, but upon doing so, the only updates thare are shown are for an earlier revision hrev51727. Is there something that I am not doing correctly, is it a bug? Any help would be appreciated!


Just a recent breakage (
Since now it’s a blocker, you can expect the devs to fix it soon.
So for now let’s just wait and cheer them up =)



This has been broken for more than a month. There are several changes that I would like to test, but I’m unable to update the system. installing a nightly is not an option as this still leves me without netfs, very useful for transferring files from the laptop to desktop.

I see comments, but is anybody working on ?


kallisti5 is our main sysadmin and he has just moved to a new house. So it may take a little time before he can get to solving this. The main problem is still the same: while we have a decent team of developers, the system administration part is in the hand of 2 or at best 3 of them. This is unfortunately quite necessary, because opening access to too much people and letting everyone mess with the servers would make things unmanageable. So the current small sysadmin team first has to streamline the process a bit. As usual with sysadmin work what they do is barely visible in most cases. Yet there have been major achievements in the last months with getting the package repos up and running, and then switching the git repo to Gerrit, which broke the package repos again :slight_smile:

We are all well aware of the issue and not trying to ignore it just to annoy users. It’s just unfortunate timing and real life interferences.


Apparently, now the repo was manually updated: