Need beos 4.5 and 5.0 good isos powerpc

very interesting article, thanks!
when I tested it was in my PowerMac 8600 that has “a lot” of memory 512Mb.

If you want to try the replacement driver, I have it here: gopher:// (grab sheepshaver_bigram.tar.gz).

Yeah to be fair, the most RAM my PowerPC systems has is under 200MiB. But then I would assume it would also fail under R4.5 for the same reason.

Works :smiley: great now using the ram patch
Probably the issue was the amount of RAM or maybe was that in the past used one of the botched PPC isos that has missing files.

Thanks for the help guys!.


Wonderful! Glad to hear it helped someone else.

This guy try and fail.

Seen the video, but don’t get why he have so many issues, his hardware must be failing or something.
Installing beos is super easy.

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Seems like he is trying again on new videos. But i didn´t see yet.

I suspect he has bad disks. Tried to get in contact, no reply.

BeOS R5 does work on those Macs and clones, there are people here with it running. Mine is a 5400 so a different model, but it does work. This was the entire target audience for the system between the BeBox and going to Intel after all.

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I spoke with him briefly, and made him a bootable disk image that should have worked (and it was bootable from a Mac with no OS because it uses Nathan Whithorn’s Disk Tools hack to make a < 2mb bootable MacOS 8.0 partition).

I asked him to let me know if he needed anything more, but nada. Also the channel Mac84 hinted he would give it a go too, probably using Sean’s discs. Not seen that surface yet either.

I get BeOS is old now, and hardware is 20+ years old and unreliable, but it really isn’t hard to make it run. Must be bad hardware.

Is the PC case you show there housing a Mac motherboard? I was looking to replace my 9500’s case as the plastic is basically disintegrating over time.

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Correct that is the case has had this Powermac 9600 board for a long time, the big issue is finding a case that has a motherboard tray big enough to fit this motherboard.
They are lots of massive pc cases, but usually, the motherboard tray is not big enough.
Now the board fitted very thigh in the tray and there’s no space to move it, so I had to cut the back piece that has the PCI slots and move it to align it to the motherboard PCI slots, also all new holes had to be done for the motherboard posts. Also some kind of “cpu holder” will be needed.