Ncurses_source from HaikuDepot

New nightly hrev51497, building my stuff, need terminfo functions in ncurses.

HaikuDepot can dig up ncurses, but I need .h files, hence “ncurses_x86_source”, which I reckon would be ncurses_x86_devel-5.9.11.

HakuDepot: "Fatal error occurred while installing package ncurses6_x86_source: Failed to find a match for “ncurses6_x86_source”()

This same error (mutatis mutandi) with mprf_x86_source, maybe any xxx_source, apparently. Am I doing something wrong?

I suppose you need the ncurses_devel package, so install that. The sources package not required for you.

Am I missing a “repository”?
The choices I get are

  • ncurses Active
  • ncurses6 Active
  • ncurses6_source Available (not)
  • ncurses6_x86 Active
  • ncurses6_x86_source Available (not)
  • ncurses_source Available (not)
  • ncurses_x86 Active
  • ncurses_x86_source Available (not)

I agree that it should not be necessary to install the source. For my older daily, I get ncurses_x86_devel instead of ncurses_x86_source, which makes more sense, but perhaps curses.h would ideally just come with ncurses. It doesn’t.

OK, I downloaded ncurses_x86_devel-5.9-11 through the web interface, and that seems to be what I need. Just didn’t appear in HaikuDepot.

You have to check the entry “Develop Packages” in the Show menu of HaikuDepot in order to see devel_packages, it’s not checked by default.

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OK, thanks - that’s what I missed. Might suggest, don’t enable Show “source packages” by default. With the source packages showing up, it isn’t real obvious that anything is getting filtered out.

By default neither source nor devel packages are shown in HaikuDepot.