Native Haiku without max?

Hey guys,

I really want to try out Haiku natively, though I’m in a bit of a sticky spot because my disk currently has 3 partitions using the full disk - and NTFS partition for XP, then an ext3 and swap partition for Ubuntu. I downloaded the latest Max ISO (I do own R5 Pro!) and wanted to boot from that and remove Ubuntu completely, only for some reason my laptop won’t boot from the CD - it just doesn’t seem to think it’s bootable at all, I tried the floppy image on a USB drive and that didn’t work either so it looks like I can’t boot max.

I could install from Ubuntu but first I’d have to resize the ext 3 partition or reinstall Ubuntu or another distro but I don’t want to use up all my bandwidth allocation from the month. Any good ideas?

Cheers folks :slight_smile:

You could disable swap in Linux and install to that partition for testing purposes. If that works out good, you can reformat the ext3 partition from the small BeOS or Haiku install (you mentioned both) and copy stuff over.

You could resize NTFS partition via Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Director.

You can also resize NTFS using a Linux LiveCD with GParted (Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD has this).