Native Diff app

I don’t remember, but is there any native graphical diff app for Haiku? (no Kdiff3 is not native I mean "made with BeOS/Haiku API)

I dont think there is a specific app for that. Maybe you can do some text diffing in a native editor, like Pe or Koder?

There is a native diff application, but it have a strange name… let me look for it.

It is called Ponpokodiff.

To search for software you can use the git searc hfunction at haikuports. I simply wrote “diff” into the search box on the top right cornet at and this was the first match.

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Curious fact : Ponpoko is a Japanese word and it’s an onomatopoeia, it’s the sound made by a tanuki when it drums its belly

A nice anime from Studio Ghibli

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First of all: Thank you so much… My memory told me that something existed, but didn’t suggest me the name.
Second: as HaikuDepot didn’t help me finding diff related software, I was thinking: we have an app that should help finding software, but as in this case it didn’t help me. We are on an OS that relies ontop of a database-like filesystem which makes searches among it a key feature of the entire OS but we have an HaikuDepot that cannot handle a simple search and I’m forced to search through github… Should this change?

How did you try to search HaikuDepot?

A simple “diff” in the search terms does list PonpokoDiff, but is unfortunately so generic, that it’s a bit hidden in the list of results.
Adding “compare” wittles it down to 10 items though.

Diffutilities are there too


as you can see the list is very very long, and there are items not related to “diff” for example basilisk II, minesweeper, wesnoth and so on…

HaikuDepot does a full text search in description and summary. A generic string like “diff” is bound to be used a lot, like in “difficult” or “different”. Like in any search, adding more likely search terms cuts down the result list.
Another way is to limit the category. Here, it’s in “System and utilities”. I’ll add it to “Development” as well, because that’s another category people may search for it.

ETA: Oh, it already is in Development as well.