Native Calendar App

Has anyone thought about a native calendar app for Haiku? Perhaps something like Mozilla Sunbird.

Native calendaring for Haiku brings in mind file types like “meeting” and “task” (similar to person files). Calendar would live on desktop as replicant and to-do list or monthly agenda would be a Tracker query.
In this manner we can keep our meetings and tasks inside different folders with rest of project files: text documents, photos, presentations and meetings all in one place.

we could use “remember” by micheal lotz for it:

it already works it in a very similar way as you describe it, although it lacks some options (read: attributes) one could use.
also it is already bsd/mit-licensed and micheal works on haiku.
i really think this would be the “be-est” way of handling dates/tasks/whatever.

Has something along that line too, the greatest of it is that there is a ‘visible’ option; you can specify when an event gets visible so if you plan a year ahead you can set to see a particular birthday 3 days before (and how many days afterward) etc. Just by editing a text file… I wish BeOS would run on Palms, I sheesh it does but now they use linux! ;-/

I only partially agree here.

First of all, I can see the point in separate files like “meeting” and “task” for every meeting and task available, just like person files. However, there are already open standards available for calendar and also contact information; iCalendar and vCard respectively. I think next to providing Haiku’s own way of people, event and task files, we should also provide a way to export/import this information to these open standards. More and more big organisations (Apple, Yahoo and Google for instance) start to adhere to iCalendar and vCard and it would be nice if we can offer our users a possibility to synchronise their calendars with these big players. Also, I would like to see an option to communicate and synchronise directly with servers and mobile hardware (mobile phones, iPod, PDA) that support these open standards. One way of doing this could be via the mail server, we add the calendar implementation to that kit.

Secondly, I don’t quite agree on the interface. Of course, a desktop replicant we need. But I think only for providing the user with a quick overview of the things in his calendar. Even, several replicants I can think of; (1) one that lists the events of this day, week or month, (2) one that lists all birthdays, (3) one that lists all tasks.

But! These replicants as such are not enough! They can only display a limited amount of information (keep them small) and one thing I really would hate to do is query for my appointments every time I need them…A tracker window is just not the best way of representing all appointments; everyone that uses a calendar for daily work knows that. We need a more powerful application for that. Something like Apple’s iCal or even, and I hate to admit it, something like the calendar present in Microsoft’s Outlook 2007, which is quite good in my opinion.