My way of installing Haiku image to a Hard drive

I spent several weeks reading this Forum and trying to comprehend how to install an image to a Hard drive, I also read the method descibed on the Besly site and although it was German to English I found it lost a bit in translation.
Using the German idea I came across the following method purely by trial and error. N.B. I cannot at this point get Haiku to boot past the Blue screen, but then again I can’t get Beos 5 to boot unless I use the safe method.
A couple of conventions: The hard drive is an Ide that was formatted to BFS . I run Zeta 1.5 and used that to complete the following. Beos Bootmanager was already installed.

1: Download “IMAGEMOUNTER” from Bebits. expand it .
2: Download a Haiku image. Expand it.
3: Right click on the image file,i.e. Haiku.image.r24101 250mgb.
4: Move cursor down to File Action, Imagemount, then left click Imagemount.
5: An Icon of Haiku will appear on the desktop.
6: Right click on the Desktop and create a new Folder, name it Haiku1.
7: Copy all the files in the Haiku folder to the new Haiku1 folder.
8: Copy Haiku1 to the blank formatted Beos hard disk.
I then rebooted and selected the new installation and got a Black screen with Haiku logo in colour , followed by a Blue screen at which point it locked up.
I am in the process of getting this to work aided by a kind gent who knows a lot more about this than me, he is of the opinion it is only my comp setup that is stopping this from working.