My Progress getting Retro68 to build BeOS PowerPC apps

Getting a BeBox emulator would be great. I did find something that got as far as the 3D logo and I think also let you enter the boot menu once. Getting it to boot - even with single processor, would make porting stuff a lot simpler. Having to be close to a BeOS desktop is quite limiting for all of this. Telnet does work, but it would be nicer to have local emulation for testing so that it isn’t a requirement to be running noisy 90’s desktop machines :wink:

MAME can show the bootlogo, but thats all AFAIK.

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Yeah, I think it was MAME or MESS.

So - the other part of this is setting up a repo for all the old PowerPC software. This is now under way. I have this account on GitHub and I am open to contributions.

The plan is to have a static GitHub Page that we manually maintain and then as new software is added it will be put in to the main repo as source and have binary assets linked on the main project repo. But all the stuff I find will go in to uncategorised to begin with.

I have confirmed that our compiler is building apps with a main function using the BeOS specific __start function I crafted. This means it is probably possible to get C code to compile as long as I can get headers from BeOS to work.

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Is there any hope for a PPC port this century?

Not with this compiler. We only target legacy BeOS. There’s no reason to use PEF exe format for a Haiku port to PowerPC

My PEF format decoder: OberonUtils/PefDecoder.odc at master · X547/OberonUtils · GitHub.