My Intro and Hardware help plus what I can do for the community

Hey guys I’m Ozfer,

I am new to Haiku and just discovered it and Beos lately. I think that this is a great operating system you guys are developing and I was partially wondering what is going on.

I see that the version on the website hasn’t been updated in almost a year and does anyone know when the next release will be? Plus when I made a account on the website gmail auto put my confirmation emails into the spam box for some reason…

Also I have tried Haiku on many of my computers and it just wont boot. First I tried it on my main desktop a AMD 1100T with ati 6970 and 16GB DDR3. The first time it loaded up and I was able to select install OS but it couldn’t find my hard drive so I gave up. Later I tried again and it always crashed my computer and I could never get it to the install/live cd menu again.

Then I tried it on a gateway pentium 4 based intel 512MB ram and basic intel video. This time it only got to the Haiku screen and it froze on the box with a maple leaf. After trying about 10 times and giving it an hour it would finally freeze on the rocket the last picture of the loading screen and would not get any farther then that.

After I tried it on a Athlon xp 4GB ram 2 core 2.6Ghz cpu with Nvidia 620(I think). On this computer Haiku would crash on loading the cd and say something about pci not being detect or is wrong or something and I could never get it past that.

Then I tried my laptop a Asus amd quad core 2.3Ghz 8GB ram and a ATI video card. This time Haiku would pretty speedily get to the rocket and then completely freeze and no disk access noise. I could never get it farther then that.

Finally just for the sake of trying I put it in my ancient compaq presario laptop. Yep a whopping 190Mhz Cyrix and 144MB ram with some low end cyrix graphics and a 2GB hdd. Holy S*** it actually booted very quickly to the desktop and then it froze… on the Haiku desktop. The keyboard seemed to work but the mouse didn’t and at that point it seemed like it was frozen.

Yea so that leads me to the next question. What does Haiku run on? Almost everything I tried it on wont boot and or freezes. The only way I could get it to run was in VMware and no one online have said what hardware they have it running on, furthermore it seems to me even if I installed it I may not have a compatible internet card or graphics card and other devices does anyone know supported cards?

I would love to help Haiku almost any way I can. I am a pretty new but okay Java programmer and would love to see open JDK come onto Haiku as this would be a major step in the right direction but I see that hasn’t been updated in over a year and no one has gotten it fully working. Also I am very good with computer hardware and servers. If anyone has any help to get Haiku to run on any of my computers please tell me as I would like to get it to run on real hardware and not on a VM.


In this thread, there’s also instructions about how-to run java apps on Haiku:

Please create tickets -

Haiku works fine on my two machines:

*Old desktop with Athlon 3500+, GA-K8NF-9, 1 GB of RAM and Radeon HD 5450.
*New laptop - NP355V5C-S05PL, AMD APU, 2 graphics card, 6 GB of RAM.

Try nightly builds -

Can you try disable ACPI -

Java works pretty good on Haiku: :wink:

I was able to figure out the issues with 2 of the systems 1 system seems half dead anyways and the other I barely expected to run beos since it is a old laptop. I got Haiku working on the AMD system with the pci issues by typing in “Continue” every time it boots. I think it may be a motherboard thing as it also flashes a error about a pci routing table on boot up. IDK why… Anyways the system runs very fast with Haiku but I wish it had support for flash player. How do I get java working just start downloading jars or do I need to install somthing? Webpositive is nice but it always defaults to the google mobile website and it seems to load pictures slowish. Some of the software doesn’t seem like it has had many updates sadly… anyone recommend anything good?

First of all welcome.
I was a huge fan of beos a lot of years ago. Had it installed on some machines per everyday use (nothing serious). My friends were baked when they saw the system capabilities. I have surfed the haiku webpage for 10 years now? everyday to check this project from the very beginnings, even much before it was called openbeos. I have tried every alpha release, submited some bugs, help with some translations and tried to promote this operating system cause i think its really cool. I even have the unique blog of Haiku in spanish. As you can see i´m a huge fan of this os.

Sadly you are right. I have 2 laptos with normal specs ( p4, core 2 duo ) with no strange hardware ( nvidia 7300 go, ich sound on both ) normal dvdrw units, with no strange chipsets ( p35 and so on, from intel mainly.) I can´t get an installation in any of those machines cause it freezes in the boot load, cause sometimes it ends in kdl, other times hangs in the desktop even before installing, and so on. The only place i could install was on an inspiron 6400 and no sound available, wifi only worked 2 minutes after fresh install and never again.

Tried in desktop machines with the same luck ( Core2 duo with intel chipset and core i5 2500k with z77 chipset ). No luck on either.

For me this is very sad, where am i supposed to install Haiku? The lack of hw support seems to be a show stopper, and the show has been stopped for ages now. Lets continue wasting time and resources in things that are not needed like porting webpositive and lets have serious bugs opened for years and ignore hw support. Great!

90% of everything that people do with their PC/tablet/whatever can be done from the browser. Now, it’s the 10% that’s interesting (which is why Chrome OS goes a bit too far) but if you want the most bang for the buck, you go for the web browser.

On the other hand, if you spend that money on hardware support, the hardware will become obsolete and unsupported and even the people who can now get Haiku to run because of that effort won’t have much to do without that browser.

To my mind, Haiku needs to get the ‘easy wins’ first and hopefully we’ll get more devs to work on the hardware support. They have to because I don’t want Windows 8 to be the future of the desktop!