My Haiku RISC-V port progress

Can we run beos and zeta on it too? Would be fine to play old beos games like corum3 and Call to Power

Running BeOS binaries on RISC-V machine? This this theoretically possible, but requires user mode x86/PPC emulator that convert syscalls to RISC-V kernel and set of secondary x86/PPC libraries.

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This is amazing!


Think he meant TinyEMU? it’s suppose to have x86 support

TinyEMU have no its own x86 emulation implementation, only RISC-V. It use OS virtualization interface for x86. Haiku currently do not support hardware virtualization as host platform. Practically this means that TinyEMU can run x86 OSes only on Linux.


Time to check on real hardware!


Or here
RISC-V Exchange - RISC-V International (

Not currently possible IIRC, as that would require either x86/PPC emulation or translation; think of something like Box86, but for RISC-V. Theoretically though, it’s not impossible.

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Wow, that´s brilliant. And it went really fast, too. This is what makes me want to learn low-level systems programming :slight_smile:

Would be great to have the article together with an interview.
X512 is RISC-V Master!

Stunning work, very durable person!


Amazing work. Maybe Haiku-inc could give him/her a real RISC-V hardware for his/her efforts?


I think that is a definite possibility and I had the same idea. I can talk with other Haiku, Inc people about it but I doubt there would be any issues, assuming X512 was interested.

Honestly the main issue right now is the desktop class RISC-V boards like HiFive Unmatched have already had some delays and may have more. I assume it is related to the general chip shortage in the world. Though right now the Unmatched is showing shipment on June 2, which would be great timing for this. @kallisti5 has already pre-ordered one. Another interesting option is the BeagleV but it is still very early in development.

But just to echo everyone else this is really amazing work and very inspiring to me as a developer.


Definitely floored by @X512’s awesome progress. For context, keep in mind this is all bare metal RISC-V under TinyEMU.

We still have lingering issues with the u-boot / EFI stuff which will make it portable / generic. However this is a huge step in the right direction on improving our kernel’s RISC-V support.

Awesome work @X512 !!!

I’m still waiting on my SiFive Unmatched board (I think the chip shortage is pushing back the release date)… but I have a MiniITX case ready for it :slight_smile:


I wrote a recipe for tinyemu with your patches. You can already install tinyemu from the depot.


Mouse is working, now I can interact with GUI.



Keyboard and mouse are working.



My turn to chip in - nice work! I’m amazed on how quickly this is developing, this is going to be quite the project to look out for!

It would be amazing to see the same progress on other architectures. I realise that others have been working hard on this, but I’d love to have a working ARM port or PowerPC port.


Time to write a blog now?

On Reddit it is very popular:

…and now Keyboard and Mouse works!
The thread here was clicked 11 000 times already in here!

Great and amazing for 21days hard work thx X512!


Mate, my phone crashed due to getting too many notifications from that post and the crossposts. Yeah, there’s definitely quite a lot of attention on Haiku now due to the RISC-V port.