My first look

I’ve played a bit with the Haiku vmware image. Here are a few of my thoughts for whomever’s interested:

  • First boot! wham! fast! I like!

  • A click on a menu-item with a sub-menu closes the entire menu. I’d suspect the sub-menu-open-timeout to elapse on click. (I’ll try to un-learn for now)

  • If the mail folder is of a diffent type, why does its ‘context-menu’ not have a link to the e-mail preferences dialog?

  • Found a bug: E-mail preferences, Incoming, New Mail Notification, expand the ‘Method’ selection box, and try to switch the Outgoing tab, closing the expanded selection box and then switching to another tab causes something to hang. (I had a look with “ps”, jikes! didn’t find which process to kill, forgot how to kill anyway, rebooted)

  • clicking the left-top button doesn’t close a window when it’s not focused

  • Shift-Tab doesn’t work from edit-boxes, does from buttons though…

  • Hmm, I had the ‘in’ folder open, a mail arrived, but it’s not shown in the tracker window automatically. I deleted the mail, but the e-mail icon and menu is still showing 1 new mail…