Multi-language Suggestion!

Hello Everybody!!
I’m a Haiku user form China.i think this system looks very cool and it changes my opinion of systems,and i only know Mac OS,Linux&windows before,though the system needs to promote.but i insist that this OS will be a very perfect OS that can compete with OS above!!
But there is a problem that the system only English version existed,and if the system wanna be used widely in the world.I think you development group need to find some other-country programmers to join you to develop Multi-language Version so that you can make Haiku more convenient to be used by people form all other countries.This way maybe improve your system more well-known and stronger to compete with the other systems!
I think you can find some Asian program developers they can be form China,Japan,Korea and so on first.of course,some Europens needed.
Good luck with your development!!
Tony Chee(齐骞(Qi Qian) in chinese)
27 july,2008
in jinan,Shandong Province,P.R.China

There is a locale kit that was started as part of the OpenTracker project. Due to other priorities, development of this kit is not active. The Haiku developers may have other priorities, but I don’t think they will oppose if someone comes along and gives some love to the locale kit.

So, if you are developers and would like to contribute/advance the development of the Haiku locale kit, subscribe to the [haiku-development] lists here…

…and send a message to that effect. Good luck!

thank u everyone.but i can only use BASIC that i have no avility to join in the development.That’s a pity!!

Hi, Chee,

Just in case you don’t know, there is a Chinese input method already available: ,

Many’re so cool!
if i’m free,i perhaps try it!

by the way,can we be a friend on the MSN?

Is there a list of words to be translated for the locale kit ? As even at this rudimental stage such work could be done years before any implementation. This is also something that some of the lurkers here could clearly help with, as well crate a extra amount of momentum in haiku, even if the momentum made would be a pittance to what the devs get up to.

Me too !

I’m interested for translating from english to french if you need anyone

And I too .
The matter of language translating in system should be somehow wider touched. In order to several language version can will make already now.

I will help gladly with localization on Russian language.


I am a French living in China and teaching in English ;p.
Haiku is really not famous here in China, Beoschina has disappeared. I am willing to set up a China Haiku User Group if people are interested, but that does not seem so easy for the moment.
In my opinion, Haiku will be perfect as well for the loongson microchip…Looking at the Beijing Linux user group
The company can offer a computer for free to the developer who can contribute…
If Haiku can take over China, then it can take over the world haha…but maybe there will be a need to change its name here in China…


My mistake… is operational, therefore if you are Chinese and want to communicate with people interested in Haiku/Beos, you can have a look there.

Hi Qi Qian. I’m from China too. I think once Haiku is ready to be localized, a translation team should be organized and start the job. But now the team’s main task is to make it more stable by improving the kernel and the drivers. New features won’t be introduced until Haiku reaches alpha status, which is compatible with BeOS R5.

And in my opinion C is easy to learn, you can quickly pick it up within one month.