Mplayer - libmoreposix error

I installed mplayer from haikuware. When I 'm trying to lauch it, it’s giving me error:

~> mplayer
runtime_loader: /boot/home/config/lib/ Could not resolve symbol 'write_isa_io'
resolve symbol "write_isa_io" returned: -2147478780
runtime_loader: /boot/home/config/lib/ Troubles relocating: Symbol not found

I am just venturing a guess here but on the for mplayer ( ) it notes:


If you are running a GCC2 or GCC2Hybrid (the default) there are apparently known issues. You’ll have to take it up with Michael Oliveira on Haikuware.


I’ll update all my ports there

stay tunned.

Thanks guys for replies. I’m new in Haiku, I’m regular Linux and Aros user.
When I discovered that my Haiku (R1Alpha3) is based on gcc2, I installed nightly gcc4-hybrid, but it crashes at booting. So I got back to alpha3.
Default video player doesn’t work on my old laptop, I get blank screen and I can only hear audio.
VLC is, well, outdated. Doesn’t display subtitles.
What about SDL game libs? Do I need gcc2 version?

Haikuware could do the community a favour by not allowing GCC4-only software.

If Haiku didn’t allow GCC4-only software, that would just get rid of a bunch of software. And one thing Haiku needs is software. BTW, the reason for having GCC4 is that GCC4 is more modern, less bugs, and is required by more modern applications. GCC4 is important.

Yes, the GCC2/GCC4/Hybrid is confusing. And a pain. It has been discussed that the package manager would handle this situation. So please donate to the Haiku fund so we can get that started again. Thanks!

I managed to get a gcc2 hybrid compatible mplayer from Synthetic Package Manager.

Got it from SPM.
But still the same problem - black screen in fullscreen mode.