Mozilla Firefox 0.9 rocks


Well … the biggest problem is that nobody has never heard about FireFox either Mozilla. Every people i know and listen to me when i’m saying something could not get back to IE … impossible to them. ALL !!!

But IE is still 92% … and 99,4% here in korea.
That’s why i understand when someone makes an IE only website. I did not say that it is a good reason, but sadly the main reason.

But as a webdesigner, i can tell that IE interprets bad code worse than FireFox, where lots think the reverse. IE doesn’t support <tr> attributes for table and where avery browser screen the same thing with 100% CSS website, IE screens bullshit. IE do not even support transparency in PNG files !!!

So why do not make a Mozilla day ??? A day where all websites homes is a quick presentation of Firefox … and a link to enter the real home, like we have done in france during the Internet day, to protest against all laws taken by the governement about hosting ?
Sounds great to me … and also put a small link to the Firefox website at the right bottom of the website, close to the sitemap and contact link …


Internet Day thing!

Do you relly mean that French ISP’s edited their DNS and then som webserver to do that?

That is crazy! And very cool!