Moving to Bootstrap 5

Good to hear that the upgrade works.
I would still recommend moving to the 4.6.x line soon. The 3.4.x is EOL and has been for 2 years. 4.x is on long term support currently and receives no new features, only fixes.

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I’ve just created a PR to upgrade to 3.4.X - I will test 4.6.X soon and report back:

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4.6.X produces the same results as 5.0.X - same issues as well. This is good news because it means we only have to make changes for 4.X and can move to 5.X as well in the future.


Thanks for testing!

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I should also note that one minor difference between 4.X and 5.X that I noticed is that the hyperlinks in 4.X remain as they are currently, but in 5.X they are all underlined by default, even when I am not hovering over them (which is the current behaviour).

Hi all.

I’ve been following this topic and I’d like to help. I’m new to the forum but I’ve known Haiku for some time now. I have a couple of years of experience working professionally in web development using tools and frameworks of all kinds, so I figured I might be able to help.

First of all, I’d like to say that the website’s code is OK right now and It just works, but there’s an important issue in my opinion that might make upgrading to Bootstrap 4 worth it:

Bootstrap 3 was released in 2013. This makes collaboration a bit more difficult because new developers often start working with at least Bootstrap 4.

That’s my take on upgrading to Bootstrap 4.
Anyways. Since I’m not proficient in C++ and I have a couple of years of experience in web development, I started working on it. I actually already did the upgrade.

This change is just a suggestion. Something I did because I had the time to do it. So it’s ok if it’s decided to not upgrade in the end.

There are a couple of changes to the UX:

  • I aligned some elements to make the website look a bit more clean
  • The sidebar in blogposts and pages doesn’t go below the content, but above it (the CSS classes which were able to do this are no longer in Bootstrap)
  • The style of the navigation bar for mobile devices looks a bit different.
  • The way the sizes are calculated (for responsive behaviour) changed a little with Bootstrap 4. In my opinion, it’s more pleasant now.

@hrnf Thanks so much for helping out! I think @leavengood’s had a look at your PR and he’s also built a preview version incorporating those changes. He’s also noted that some things are broken in the preview version, so it would be really appreciated if you had a look at those. Thanks again!

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