Move Haiku Guide documentation source code to GitHub or whatever

I think it would make contributing to the documentation easier.

A few months ago I did mull over the idea of a Wiki, I even registered a domain and configured a server (… so I’ll get that configured at some point this week and people can contribute if they wish.

I’d contribute as long as there is an easy way to do so. I really do prefer statoc files though hosted in a Git repository.

Mkdocs anyone?

It’d have to be integrated with our translation tool. Which is some intimidating (I’ve heard) piece of unmaintained PHP code.

Until then, people can open tickets with corrections or additions and discuss them on the haiku-docs mailing list.

I think I will take to making alternative documentation then by using mkdocs. I will get a GitHub repo setup for it then.

I also might just start with writing them in Lyx and once I have enough done then I will contemplate on the license to choose and publish them to a Git repo so that people can contribute.

Update: I am just writing them in plain markdown and will publish under maybe a creative commons license. I will see.

Also, if I were to do this would there be issues if I include my own screenshots of Haiku software?

Okay, here it is. I am beginning work on my HaikuDocs project here on GitHub.

Well, it’s half-maintained by me now:

And it’s not really that intimidating, it’s just rather annoying to work with, honestly.

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That’s why I suggest Git but anyway I am working on my own documentation project as linked above. :slight_smile:

In case you haven’t realized it, we’re not using some clunky PHP tool for the heck of it. It’s used for translations and tracking changes in the original that have to be re-translated. It’s working very well over all, just would need some bug fixes and could do with a few enhancements.
Thanks @waddlesplash for looking into it!

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Oh I understand, I just personally prefer my way but let that not interfere with your guys’ way. Translations are very important.