Mouse and/or keyboard freeze while copying large amount of files

Hi, I need to copy some thousands files (applications, docs and such) from one drive (SSD) to another (external SDD-Drive via USB or sd card). While copying the tracker something goes wrong.
Either I can’t use the mouse and/or the keyboard anymore OR one of them freezes (mouse or keyboard) and the tracker partly crashes as well. Namely the window showing the state of the copying process freezes.
This mainly happens, while copying more than 1000 files at once. First I thought it’s because one the peripherals is connect to a USB3 port, but even when mouse and keyboard are connected to USB2 and I copy the files to the sdhc-card, it will crash. What might be the reason for this?
I use a Zotac ZBOX CI327 Nano. Latest Haiku x86_64 build.

Please add this bug into the bug tracker.

Never did that, but I’ll try my vey best. :slight_smile:

Here the link :

And a tutorial for the bug tracker :


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Not much that can be done on that ticket without a syslog :wink:

At a guess I’d assume some sort of IO locking from too many write threads happening at once but I need to poke around the kernel sources far more before I could make more than a semi-educated guess.

My personal experience with this is that when you copy from a fast drive to a slower one (and on SSDs, writes are often slower than reads), our current code will read as much as it can from the source drive, to the point that it will fill every bit of available RAM. The system will then struggle flushing this all to the destination disk.

Surely copy processes should be limited by the speed of the target drive. Most of the times for large copies like that I end up using rsync from the command line.

@es02 Currently, I’m trying to retrieve a syslog and upload it. Someone mentioned it already in the bug tracker.
@PulkoMandy Plausible explanation. But why would that effect only keyboard and/or mouse?