Most long-standing XHCI (USB 3.0+) issues resolved! | Haiku Project


Now that would be strange, especially seeing as how multiple users reported to me that their USB ethernet adapters were fixed by this. Please make sure the problem isn’t in the network stack level (i.e. delete interfaces file, etc.)


I’ll try deleting interfaces file, if I can find it. I have no idea where it may be right now.

It used to work if I plugged it into a USB2 port. It would appear as a device if plugged into the USB3 port, but not work.

Now, if I try and boot with it in the USB3 or USB2 port, it goes to KDL. If I plug it in to USB3 after booting, it doesn’t do anything (syslog doesn’t even change). If I plug it into a USB2 port after booting, syslog shows something happening and then it goes to KDL.

But I’ll give it a whack this evening when I get home.


Yes, please do. File tickets for any distinct KDLs you manage to reproduce, and a syslog+listusb from when it was working, if possible.


I was able to format a USB3 Flash drive from a nightly with Etcher, and boot from the USB3 port on a Lenovo Thinkpad. The system booted without issue. However I was not able to connect to my wifi, Mandel crashed with an error, and Teapot only displayed a black screen.


We can’t fix bugs if you don’t report them with the applicable information.


the teapot black screen is likely broken vsync support where the intel driver waits forever on the vsync. But without device IDs it’s hard to check anything.