More Software

Hello everybody,

Just installed Haiku for the second time (first time was some zears ago). First impression: looks and feels greate, even on some older computers. But were can i find more software?

I googled a bit an found sites like (atleast if original BeOS software runs on Haiku), but most links are dead.

I would like some office program, an audio program like itunes or Wimamp and mazbe some games.

BeBits is too outdated, you better search the software on

Yes, found that one too. But here a lot software is not working. For example abiword gives some strange error and KOffice is totally not working (I read it doesn’t work on Alpha 4).

Hi Roman78,

if you try a nightly image instead of the old Alpha4, you could have a look at the HaikuDepot app. It has already a few of the packages that are available through Haikuports. There are efforts underway to have all the Haikuports packages built and uploaded to HaikuDepot automatically.
That said, I think for an office suite you’d still need some Java or maybe Qt solution for now.


  1. pkgman add-repo
  2. pkgman add-repo
    You’ll probably need openjdk_x86_aliases package to run applications from this repo on x86_gcc2 Haiku builds

First of all, upgrade to a nightly. Alpha 4 is really old and tired. I installed alpha4 the other day just for testing purposes and it couldn’t see my new system’s ethernet card, which the nightlies have picked up effortlessly. Unfortunately, there is no easy upgrade path from alpha 4 to nightly. You just have to download the image, burn to disc, and boot from it all over again. Once you have a nightly installed, however, it works like a rolling release:

Once you have a version of Haiku with Package Management (i.e. a nightly) installed, you can download apps from HaikuDepot (an app you will find in the Applications menu). Add kim1963’s repositories and your choice of software on Haiku goes up. A lot.

Then see my site for a few packages I’ve made.