Moe - how to use this program?

I downloaded a program from Haiku Depot called Moe, it looked like fun. I can see that it is listed in system\packages. But there are not links in Applications. Preferences, Demos… etc… So how does someone actually use this program???

  1. Go to /boot/system/apps/Moe.
  2. Run the “Moe” binary.
  3. Double-click moe.png.

After doing that you will see an animated girl sitting on the frame of your active window.
The image flickers a lot when you move the window, but it’s still fun to try =)

It sounds like something is wrong with the recipe that is used for putting its package together.

You can can report it to the HaikuPorts team here

If anyone else wants to have a go of the app, you can find it here