Does anybody have the old freeware MobilityDriver by bexoft? I was really excited about Haiku, but it doesn’t have an installer yet, so I tried installing my old BeOS pro, but now I can’t find the driver for my ATI Mobility video. I’m pretty sure that I used to use MobilityDriver, but now is down, tucows is badly broken, and I can’t find the driver anywhere else. Many thanks to anybody who can send me a link!

Bebits is your friend. The best site for BeOS software.

Here you go:

The Tucows download link works on that webpage.

Edit: Spoke too soon. I checked it & the download zip is corrupted. I did find the driver on BeShare - downloaded it & tested out OK/Good. Download & install BeShare and you’ll be able to find it on there.

Colors! 1024x768 resolution! Thank you very much!

No problem. I’m sure it beats Vesa mode :slight_smile: