Mkindex error BEOS:APP_SIG

It has to happen to me … I got passed the build failed … but I’am getting the following message when it starts setting up the hd …

Creating directory structure…
Unable to creating index named “BEOS:APP_SIG”, type CSTR ($43535452/1129534546), flags $0, on volume 5 (Haiku), error code $FFFFFFFF/-1 (General OS error) has occured.

Even after this error I was able to boot into Haiku … but only the 1st time after that it just booted to Desktop and Terminal Window and hangs.

Any ideas ?



Normal error : the index already exists on your partition.

About the hang, the partition might be corrupted if you mounted it in R5 after a crash in Haiku. Then you have to initialize it again (with DriveSetup).