Missing symbol: _ZN11BArchivable13AllUnarchivedEPK8Message

Hi there, i did a fresh install of Haiku R1A2 on a Dell Inspiron and everthing went ok. Now im trying to install/use some programs, but almost any give me the same error when i try to execute them.

Missing Symbol: _ZN11BArchivable13AllUnarchivedEPK8Message

Can someone tell me whats happening? Thx.

It happens when the program was compiled with newer version of Haiku. Try programs with latest nightly of Haiku.

Haiku changes over time, so compiling a program on newer Haiku gives newer symbols (binary code). Requires using newer Haiku to run the program.

Thans for answering. Anyway i did a fresh install of R1A2 cause the nightly build i was using wasn´t stable enough. Anyway isn´t there a way with some kind of newer libraries to keep de R1A2 up to date and use the latest software available? Thanks in advance again.

No, but you can always compile the programs with Alpha2 and that should get them to work.

You can try taking the libraries from newer Haiku (nightly) and replacing the ones in Alpha2 but these may not be compatible or cause system instability!!!

This is a problem on Haikuware. That software is compiled with different versions of Haiku which may not be compatible with each other because of changes. So, programs compiled on newer Haiku may not work with Alpha2 and vice versa (missing symbol).

Your best choices: use newer Haiku nightly or compile programs on Alpha2.