I have install the Haiku and I was verry postive suprised! It works verry well and its fast on a old AM Duron PC. it maks fun to work with it. I will userealy it but I miss a new Browser with flash support and some other programs. Now I have some question, Is it possible to compile my missed Programms from the Sourcecode from Linux Platforms?

How can I compile programs, the usualy way in linux is: ./configure make make install ?

Hi, you find apps on www.bebits.com or www.haikuware.com!
Haiku is not Linux, ok some software are Ported, but it is not the Haiku way to do Port from Linux.

Haiku is THE best free Desktop OS.
Ok some stuff is bugy, but we Work on it.
Haiku for me is, the best perfomanted OS now, it is 10x faster on my Haiku as Ubuntu and Haiku is clear, i understand Haiku , i dont Understand Ubuntu!

Haiku is not finish, but the Futures is Haiku or Haiku based Systems.


Please see http://ports.haiku-files.org/ for information on Linux software that has been compiled for Haiku.

Many Linux libraries and Qt applications compile and work on Haiku, but GTK applications don’t work on Haiku.

I usually use applications from http://haikuware.com/ in Haiku.