Mini report and pictures from FOSDEM 2010 | Haiku Project

Just came back from FOSDEM 2010, i don’t have much to say, since it was quite a flash journey for me, i left home Sunday at 7:30AM and got back at 7:30PM. I originally planned to go on both days but this year Haiku didn’t have its own stand, instead Haiku was present Sunday in the Alt-OS (ie: not Linux nor BSD) DevRoom in the form of several talks by François Revol, Olivier Coursière and Niels Reedijk. The Alt-OS DevRoom was a (~50 people capacity) class room, that François entirely managed and organized, he invited other projects to give talks and scheduled the talks. Unfortunately, i arrived a few minutes after Olivier started his “Introducing Haiku” talk, and the room was so packed that i couldn’t even get in the room (for safety reasons). This is what i was welcomed with” :) When i managed to enter, for the next talk, there were still no seats available and stood up like ~30 other people. I eventually managed to seat next to the Haiku guys (Jerôme Duval joined us in the afternoon).

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