Midi keyboard in Haiku

with the recent port of MilkyTracker on Haiku (http://www.milkytracker.org/?download)
i’d like to use my Keyboard provided with midi output in Haiku. My keyboard (Nord Electro from Clavia) has 5 pin din midi connector, so i have to use a midi/usb adaptor like this http://www.musicalstore.net/images/B_BESPECO_bmusb100.jpg Will it work in Haiku?


Things are getting there, depending on what you want to do.

USB-MIDI works – at least for “Standard Compliant” converters. I use both a M-Audio Uno and a MidiSport 2x2, and they work well.

I’ve just ported Csound5, and I’ve been playing it live with a 10-12ms latency. Of course I use my own MusicWeaver a lot to process MIDI and send it either to an external synth or fluidsynth internally. The old BeOS sequencer ‘Sequitur’ works well, except that it usually crashes on exit.

OTOH I had to hack on the HDA driver to get that latency. By default it uses (fixed) large buffers that makes it pretty sluggish for live playing. There are several places in the audio chain that still need a bit of tidying.

I’ve been wondering also about the audio and music capabilities. Where can I find specs and all? That’s one of the reasons why I’m with Apple, Oxygen Keyboard, guitar, electronic drumset and Logic