Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse not working on Haiku

I successfully got Haiku to boot on my PC, and I use a Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse (20th anniversary edition) over USB 3.0 as my mouse, turns out it showed up in Haiku but didn’t work at all and I had to use a spare Lenovo mouse over USB 2.0 for mouse input, I also noticed my USB headset didn’t really show up anywhere but that’s miscellaneous for now, why did my mouse not work and how can I get it to work?

As usually one of the developers will suggest to open a ticket in Trac tool about your exact problem - if still does not exist an exactly same or silmilar one already in the ticketing system →

When I searched Trac for USB 3.0 mouse I had found some living tickets with usb mouses. I would recommend to read them, and open new ticket if you do not find your MS mice in those ones to get help or advice as earlier you can get.