Mesa - latest version - on Haiku x86 (32 bit) and x86_64 (64 bit)

Thanks for the answer, but this is not about what that DG2 is or what kind of performance issues it have on windows, it is about the impact of this changes on Haiku, today.

For now? Nothing. Haiku’s experimental drivers are Radeon and integrated Intel.

Point taken - the 3D hardware accelerated graphic drivers on Haiku are not officially supported yet on x86/x64 (although, we have hardware accelerated AMD Southern Islands 3D graphic driver support on RISC-V).

As for Intel Xe and DG, See: ASRock > Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX 6GB OC

You’ll also see user resells on eBay for the Intel Arc A380 cards.

There is also the Intel Arc A750 and A770 Limited Edition…

So, just a few months ago we didn’t have Haiku with 3D accelerated graphics on RISC-V or Haiku working (somewhat) on ARM… or Blender 3.0… or celebrities going to Mars… or electric cars for the blue-collar worker. Hopefully, we can keep in mind that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

The Intel Alchemist cards you mentioned only suck on Windows due to driver issues. The hardware is probably perfectly sound. Maybe one of these days Intel will figure out that the drivers are 70% of a graphics card’s performance.

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The majority of the reviews (as of today) deal with preliminary BETA driver releases - not any production release of the core graphics driver. The recent driver release,, is still a BETA graphics driver release. The graphics driver is decent enough for a non-gamers or most corporate users. For the hard-core power user or gamer enthusiast, review commentary are mostly biased from the viewpoint of expecting production-ready driver and features for Arc A* products - in comparison to the competing graphic products (example: Intel Arc A770 vs. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti) using production-level graphic drivers. Some GPU hardware releases have hardware bugs/issues which require another product release/revision. Nothing new in this line of business…




Mesa 22.2.2 on Haiku 56554 x64.

Update 2022-10-26:

  • Updated recipe to Mesa 22.2.2.
  • GLInfo - No crash on exit (retested on hrev56563 x64)

The Matrox Millennium was (at that time) ‘driven’ to top performance in this way (continuous driver optimization)!

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Could you test how this project runs with updated Mesa, and the corresponding drivers?

It’s GTA 3 compiled and running on Haiku, unfortunately I don’t have hardware to run it on, since I have a CPU without iGPU and an RTX. So I have had to run everything in a virtual machine, which is why it runs at less than 0.5 FPS

I would like to know if it is minimally playable on real hardware, or if the code could be optimized in some way so that it runs better on Haiku

re3 - Haiku

In the wiki section there are the instructions to compile it, you may need a copy of the base game to extract the assets, if you don’t have one write me I’ll give you a copy


I could not find it. Where did you upload the recipe or files to?

Haikuports showing 22.0.5-2 in repository.

glinfo shows 22.0.5 on hrev56595 Haiku.

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I have it up to Mesa 22.2.4. Some games have rendering issues so on hold for now.

Any updates on this one? (cf. me working on this :slight_smile: )

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See: mesa: added 22.2.2 by kenmays · Pull Request #7329 · haikuports/haikuports (

I’ve migrated the existing Haiku patches to Mesa 22.3.1. There is a Haiku GL related rendering bug with certain games (i.e. Speed Dreams, Colobot).

Kallisti5/X512/others mainly contribute to Mesa implementation on Haiku.

Use Mesa 22.0.5/R1B4 for any stable development/testing/review for now.


can’t wait to test the new mesa with zink on cpu

Has that bug been filed?

No. The bug is moreso a patch enhancement request due to Mesa 22.3.x upstream changes.

I’ve listed a few of the applications affected by those upstream changes in the mentioned PR .

Anyone not caring about those specific affected applications may use the newer test builds of Mesa.]

Mesa 22.2.5 on Haiku hrev56671 x64


Haiku is getting more appreciation:

A screenshot from kallisti5:

Congratulations to developers. :partying_face:


Kudos to @X512 , mesa, wayland, wine, riscv… did i forget somthing else?, all of that in a short period of time.


Haiku code officially included (and hence supported) by a big project such as mesa sounds way more than appreciation, it is more like seeing haiku under the spotlight (something like scummvm recently supporting KolibriOS).
Kudos to the whole developer team!


Haiku code has been included in Mesa for several years now (thanks to Kallisti5’s work)


I didn’t mean to diminish Kallisti5’s work on mesa, i know the work he had been doing for quite awhile, i just meant to acknowledge the latest additions X512 has done together with the rest of the things i mentioned. (in case your reply was meant to me?)