hi all,
I was wondering if and when haiku was going to start offering merchandise.

some was offerred at waltercon, but that doesn’t really help =)

we’re trying to figure out the best way to accept donations worldwide… at that point, maybe we can set up a little shop

Any updates to the idea of merchandise? I’d like to be the first with a hat :smiley: There is no better advertising then people wearing your gear.


I’m wondering whether it might be beneficial for me to do some ground work on providing merchandise for my region (Australia).

I’d proly be guessing T-Shirts and Stickers …

It’s be awhile thought I’d try to bring this topic back to the front. :slight_smile:

I think that haiku needs the word of mouth that comes from T-Shirts and stuff. I think having this stuff available before the inital release will help get the word out.

Well Haikunews has a cafepress account.

It seems to makes things relatively easy. All you have to do is submit some artwork.