MENU key?

I’ve been having fun with keyboard navigation, since my track pad quit working. I’d never bothered to learn all the keys until now, but it turns out the support is quite good and I’m not sure I don’t like it better this way.

The one major thing that doesn’t seem to work as advertised is the key, supposed to get access to the Deskbar but I don’t see anything happening. Keymap preferences show that it really does seem to be mapped. Does it work for anyone else? Is it possibly more subtle than I realize, and the Deskbar menus would spring open if I only knew what to do next?

Right now I have a Terminal window on startup, so I can invoke things from the command line, and shutdown etc. I can probably fix the trackpad - I reckon it’s a loose connection from when I ripped the laptop apart to change wifi cards. And I have a USB mouse on hand if I need it. Just like being able to stay on the keyboard, and it’s a shame the Deskbar is out of commission.

The key is working as expected here. Press it, and the leaf menu opens. Maybe some difference in deskbar, mouse focus or menu settings?

Hmm, I never thought of this. I always thought it was Opt+Esc, until I tried it today and remembered it went to the active menubar… if Haiku followed the (Mac) OS X layout, that might have worked to navigate our way to the Apple menu. :slight_smile: Oh, well…

Since you are mentioning the Deskbar menu and NOT the window’s menubar, does your keyboard still have the context menu key on it? It’s usually either by the right Alt/option and control keys, or on some mobile keyboards, sandwiched between the navigation and function keys near the top. That would be my best guess as to what “MENU” means, as the Super key or Option key alone does nothing Deskbar-wise. I just tried the context menu key, and it opened the “leaf” menu as described.

Good luck; I hope this at least helped…

P.S. (It’s off-topic, but in OS X for the curious, you’d use Ctrl+F2 = Menubar).

Yes, the “context menu” key is what I mean. I’m not sure if there is another shortcut to reach the current window menu, sorry.

Current window works great - alt-esc puts the arrow keys in control of the menu.

I indeed have this menu key on the bottom right. I guess I’ve had keyboards with this key for many years but never took any notice of it.