Media Kit Addons

In most of the BeOS-related articles Isee that are promoting it, very few of them stress how awesomely cool the Media Kit is. I don’t think any other mainline operating system has as much functionality.
Besides the fact that any program can open any file format supported by the Media Kit entirely transparently, the Effect Plugins aspect of the Media Kit is very exciting and unique. I saw in one of [Beta]'s screenshots that Cortex showed all 5 or so of Haiku’s addons. I’m thinking that it would be cool if I could continue past Chapter Two of O’Reilly’s Programming the BeOS, enough that I could make another effect addon, but that’s for later.
But one thing I am curious about is whether or not each program can have its own options for an Addon. Say, a program wants to use the new XviD encoder that’s coming out with Zeta 1.2. There’s the Media Kit options, but can each program set its own settings for each instance of the XviD encoder? Is there similar functionality for Translators, too?
–Walter Huf–