Maybe it didn't work

I downloaded the zip file and pointed a VMWare machine at the iso file. It seemed happy. It was the fastest response I’ve ever seen on a VM.


But it just sits there. It’s been hours now.

Hello and welcome witcher

Have you read this documentation, how to run haiku on virtual mashine?

You should change your post title, because not really informative :wink:

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Please give us a few more details. Which VMWare product and version, host operating system, VM settings (os type, ram, etc), what version of Haiku (beta2 or nightly, 32 bit or 64 bit).
I probably can’t help you any further personally because I don’t have experience with Haiku on VMware, but I’m sure you’ll get help from the community once they know a little bit more about your problem.

Some generic things you can try first:

  1. check the downloaded file against the checksum (also provided on the Haiku download websites) to make sure that your copy of Haiku was downloaded correctly
  2. try booting in safe mode. You can get into the menu of Haiku’s bootloader by pressing the space bar right after the BIOS messages, before the Haiku logo appears.

It was the BIOS setting. I haven’t had to use a legacy BIOS in some time, but swapping that brought me to a big blue screen with a functioning mouse pointer.

Try the boot options

Make sure to also set a compatible network card in the VM or the network can be flaky