I happened to stumble over this very interesting open source os that plans to be built on top of the Linux kernel + QT5. Finally someone doing something bloody different with the kernel for once… but that’s not the point. The main developer list’s BeOS as his main inspiration and also mentions HAIKU. From what I read he tried to port the HAIKU’s user space to run on top of the Linux kernel. That was latter dropped in favor of QT5. Seem’s that HAIKU and MAUI share quite allot when it comes to the general development philosophy , especially considering that QT might become the default for HAIKU R2.

Did anyone else knew about this project? I’m curios if Luigi Fiorini ( dev of MAUI ) ever contacted HAIKU in any way.

honestly it’s the first time that i have read about it thanks for sharing it. From what i’ve read on their website it seems brilliant, Linux kernel is nice although have big regressions, qt 5 has some problems apparently, but overall it seems that it would be better than the current linux based distros. Let’s wait and see what happens.

Pier Luigi Fiorini? I’m sure any long time BeOS followers are aware of him.

He likes to start these little toy OS projects. He loses interest and they get abandoned after a little while. He has started (and given up on) several since OpenBeOS (now Haiku) began. Some pieces from previous projects get re-used in each reboot, and there are common themes. Fiorini likes Qt a lot, for example, so that usually features, and he’s always interested in new-ish technologies born on Linux, DBus was one example, Wayland is another.

The on-again off-again OS project has been called BeFree, Vision, Mockup, and now apparently Maui. Maybe I missed some names in there.

I like to give a project just one name, something short and snappy. I always get a bit disappointed if the trademark lawyers don’t like it and change it for release. But for Pier apparently naming the project is the fun bit, and actually writing software gets boring quickly.

Is there any .iso or .vmdk?
Looks like a cool operating system!

“Get in touch” tab of MAUI OS site produce BSOD on Windows 8.
As I understand, there are no any releases yet. Only mockups exists.

More info is starting to come up :

I always thought Maui was the codename for BeOS R5…

All I see there is a High Gloss Painted Turd!

That is why I love Haiku. It is so unpretentious.