Matroska video not played correctly

I tired to watch movie in the matroska format. It looked very odd. I can watch only the part of the movie. The other part was out of the display.
When I entered the fullscreen mode there was overlapping - a part of the output lied on the other part.

I am guessing this can be joined to how the virtual screen works.

You could try VLC player to play mkv videos

If you have intel graphics I have seen weirdness with the hardware overlay and some codecs not playing nice, for whatever reason. Its under preferences in media player.

If you are having this problem on the recent Alpha3 or newer nightlies, please do a search for similar issues on our TRAC, and if there is not an open ticket please submit one,

The haiku dev trac is the place to submit bugs such as this. If there is not a ticket on the haiku dev trac, none of the devs will know about the issue.

I have ATI Radeon 7500 video card. But I started to think that these issues are connected to an unclean/broken installation. In fact I am surprised that Haiku works at all.

A new issue with matroska is that there is no sound in VLC. I won’t post a ticket till I will be sure these are internal Haiku bugs (not an installation’s failure).

BE sure to turn on Messages setting under preferences in VLC so it gives you errors to look at. Sometimes this helps to solve the issue.