Mark Shuttleworth and the Linux desktop folk

Thought this was interesting:

“I used to think that it was a privilege to serve people who also loved the idea of service, but now I think many members of the free software community are just deeply anti-social types who love to hate on whatever is mainstream.”


Antisocial people can not work for benefits of community, by definition. It is illogical to say, that free software is created by sociopaths.

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And why some people hate mainstream? it is simple: they are free intelligent people, and they deeply do not agree with that, that some financially influential people make decisions for them: how they must live and what they must think.
Intelligent people can decide for themselves.


Depends on what you call mainstream society. If by that you mean brave new ultra-corporatist world, soulless as hell, then color me anti-social.

Corporations wouldn’t care which way Ubuntu goes; for the most part they’d only care about the server-side OS.

I believe Shuttleworth is referring to the standard users voicing thier thoughts.