MAME and USB joypads under Haiku

Has anyone managed to build MAME, AdvanceMAME or any other version of MAME for Haiku? It’d be great to see it in the depot. The official MAME makefile includes ‘support’ for Haiku as a build option but I’ve not been able to get past the first file before I get a fatal error.

I’ve tried’s Internet arcade under WebPositive and Qupzilla but it failed to work under both.

I’ve noticed DOSemu is in the depot so we should be able to run MAME under that but I’m not keen on running and emu under another emu if it can be avoided, especially when its open source and claims to support Haiku.

Does Haiku support USB joypads and joysticks to get the most out of MAME etc?


I did the work on getting MAME to recognize Haiku. You will probably need a gcc4 compiler for this, and use the SDL version of MAME.

USB joypads should work as well, there is a known issue but it is specific to Logitech "Precision Gamepad" devices (which I've found to be problematic also in other places). Anything else should work just fine.

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Will be fine to have support for usb compedission pro too

Hi PulkoMandy!

That’s good news on the joypad support but sdlmame is no more - its been integrated into the official MAME now. I’ve tried compiling a a few different versions of both MAME and Advance MAME but compilation doesn’t get far before its required to start hacking the source code.

Newer version of MAME don’t even compile the first file which is something to do with lua. It seems MAME bundles its own version of lua and expects you to build and use this instead of using any version you may already have installed - I know lua is in the depot. I think MAME 0.147 was the last non-lua version but I didn’t get much further with building that.

Do you remember what version of MAME (or sdlmame) it was that you patched and managed to build PulkoMandy?

It seems MAME 0.147 was the first to have some Haiku support but I’ve had no luck compiling that with GCC2 or 4 and, despite what its homepage says, there are no longer any source packages available for download from the sdlmame site.

I’ve had the most success in bulding MAME under Haiku with AdvanceMAME git but it still doesn’t get very far.

I suggested that running MAME under DOSBox might be a possibility but probably not wth its current build in HaikuDepot as the keyboard mapping is broken and it seems very unstable too.

I started to write a recipe for MAME, but I won’t have much time during the week ends this month. Please be a bit more patient :slight_smile:

As for dosbox, the keyboard mapping is configurable in their options screen: . Providing a preset configuration file would be an option. (I uploaded the package for use in my porting of Open Watcom, which uses it in non-interactive mode to run some old DOS tools to generate its documentation, so I didn’t need the keyboard working).

That’s great news PM as I’ll be surprised if the AdvanceMAME developer finds time to fix compilation under our super-niche OS of choice. He’d probably have to install Haiku to do so and chances are he won’t have the time or motivation. Its homepage does state it should work under any platform supported by SDL though.

Are you writing a recipe for the official MAME or AdvanceMAME? When you’ve finished it, will it make it into HaikuDepot or will this be an addition to HaikuPorter?

Btw… what happened to the other emulators like:

Snes or / Zsnes ?

Are they ready to run on Haiku?

Dunno if can help builders, but here’s an old discussion about compiling MAME under Syllable:

Getting closer…

AdvanceMAME now builds and runs great under Haiku including sound and USB joypad support!

If you want to build it yourself, you need to download the latest git code as well as advancemame-1.3.tar.gz from . After extracting 1.3, copy its src subdir into your advmame git dir and then run:

./configure --prefix=/boot/apps/advance --with-emu=mame
make install

In the advancemame git folder.

Big thanks to Andrea Mazzoleni for adding Haiku support to AdvanceMAME!

It would be very nice to add the equivalent build recipe at haikuports.

WOW. Nice one. I am going to try this over the weekend. Big thanks!

I’ve not tried building it yet but AdvanceMESS has also been ported now too so you can play all those classic N64, PSX, Amiga, C64, NES etc etc games under Haiku now too! :smiley:

I was testing MAME out last night and I was delighed to see stuff like Ridge Racer, Strider 2 and Mortal Kombat 2 all running perfectly. What an amazing project!

I’d want to wait until AdvanceMAME/MESS 1.3 get release before writing a recipe. I expect it won’t be much longer now.

I tried BeS9x Ver.1.41-1 ( it is working very well.
At start the media_addon_server crashes often. After restart the Mediserver the sound will work.

I added a recipe for version 1.3 beta at HaikuPorts.
It builds OK but I couldn’t test because of a lack of ROM.

My little contribution to this thread :slight_smile: :

I had ZSNES v 1.36 working very well (Sound and USB joypad supported). It’s an old BeOS binary, but works perfectly under Haiku. I don’t know if still avaible on the web (I dont remember where I get it, possibly Bebits or Haikuware).

If someone needs it, please tell me and I will send it.

The MAME website provides some freely downloadable ROMs (legally with agreement from the original developers):