Making haiku's desktop different

I have some idea for enhancing desktop and make it different than other OSes.

Look at this :

Nice animation :slight_smile: but what’s really different from havin a reduced apps in the deskbar ?
I think a reduce button is needed, 'cause it’s confusing for newcomers to double click in the tab :wink:

I don’t want a reduce button, further Windows-isation of the interface is NOT needed. If you can’t figure out how to work an OS, go back to Windows.

Same applies for those who want to be able to run X, Y or Z app from Windows, in fact…

That’s not about Windows, don’t make a burst of anger MYOB. :roll:
Most OSes have a reduce button (OSX, Linux*, Syllable, QNX,…)
IMHO, Haiku dosen’t need to completely look different from others GUI, it have to feel different… anyway R1 will be as close to Be’s R5 as possible 8)

OK MYOB, let us forget the new “minimize button”, but for other things:

  • hour and tasks on the left of taskbar,

it’s good ?

I like the way Tracker works at the moment actually 8)

How about this.

Retro Cool!!
Windows 1.03 style!

:lol: :lol: :lol: