Mainstream OS/OS,s Agent/Developers in Alternative Open Source OS.s?

I have a conspiracy theory. I am not saying it is real but there might be some evidence.
It has to do with linux and could happen to Haiku if there is real evidence. Whenever a linux distribution starts to get real traction would it not be easy for developers from the mainstream OS/OS,s to pose as real developers because of qualifications and push under the disguise of innovation new technology that causes instability or incompatibility which then puts a brake on the uptake of the OS.
The reason I say this is in the case of Ubuntu which was getting a larger user uptake, then new technology was applied that wasn,t ready, like pulse audio. In the later two versions of Ubuntu this is causing a lot of problems. There are also complaints about other open source drivers. As far as linux distros go I found Ubuntu 7.10 quite stable and reasonably easy to use but in 9.04 and especially 9.10 more problems have come up with sound and other things related to drivers.
How could anyone joining the developers be screened for been real or an agent? There needs to be good evidence of course for this sort of thing going on. I or we don’t need to be paranoid but it is true that companies spy on each other. With open source software it would be so easy to infiltrate. If someone from Microsoft wanted to help develop Haiku we might see it as a great gain.