Mail programs

Has anyone been able to get “MailIt!” to work on Haiku? Let’s face it - the mail program included in Haiku sucks canal water. At least MailIt! was a fairly good program with decent features that worked like a regular mail program. This would go a long way towards making Haiku something thats useable a a daily OS, and not just a toy.


WIth all due respect there is no need to use that kind of negative language.

For a nice 3rd party email program you can try BeAM using:

installoptionalpackage -a beam

I use Beam daily and am very satisfied.


Dittos on hey68’s comments about the beam program. I use it every day. It works great, and it sets up easily with SSL, etc.

I like Haiku Mail myself, but then I like it as simple as possible. The only issue that I have is its poor handling of IMAP where it makes too many requests for incoming mail causing email providers such as Google’s Gmail to not work (POP doesn’t seem have this problem though).

Too many IMAP requests for gmail? Do you have more details on that? Some of this depends on caching; if you cache header data, you can expect an initial FETCH to get body structure and headers on the range of (only) new messages, where if you don’t cache them the initial FETCH has to retrieve all the headers back to day 1, each time you connect. If you cache message body data, then likely as soon as you connect there will be massive downloading of messages and attachments, where otherwise you’d only fetch the message parts on demand. I should look at Haiku Mail, though I’m not sure if the instance I have would be very representative of what would appear in the next alpha.

“WIth all due respect there is no need to use that kind of negative language.”

With all due respect I was being mild in describing it

“I use Beam daily and am very satisfied.”

Thank you, but I’ve tried BeAM, and while it’s much better than trying to use
the built-in mailer, that’s not saying much.