Mactel support

Just got an ext USB disk to boot into haiku on my Apple MacBook Pro (1.1) — no sound or wireless—any help turning on the functionality of these-- gleaning the internet doesn’t do much ----



First of all, you’re lucky. :wink: Another Apple® I tested out Haiku on didn’t boot. :slight_smile: But that’s a PowerPC (G3 500MHz).

As far as I know, the wireless in Haiku is supported, but connecting to WPA-secured networks has not been implemented yet. Therefore, on the computer I did get Haiku running on, I had to hook up an Ethernet cable and connect that way. I don’t know if AirPort™ is implemented in Haiku, either, but you could always try to code that into the system. :slight_smile:

With the sound, check the Devices app to see what is going on with your sound. Are you getting any volume? Then, go to Media. Check the checkbox to put the speaker in the Deskbar, and slide the volume up or down. Play a file, and see if it works.

While I can program, I’m relatively new to Haiku. With that in mind, please note these are simple pointers.

Sounds like your wifi card isn’t supported. Sadly, you can’t do much until it is.

Try the OSS drivers on Haikuware for sound, they might work