Mac Pro 5.1 (Mid 2010) Boot Issue

Tried using both the R1/Beta1 and the latest nightly (hrev52455) on a Mac Pro 5.1 (Mid 2010). Using EFI boot with the VESA video driver, I can get past the rocket ship to a blue screen with a cursor for a moment but then I get what I believe is the KDL white screen and can’t move forward.

I’ve captured the syslog from hrev52455 boot up and have it posted here:

I’d be happy to create a ticket for this, but unsure of where to even begin with what module might be responsible?

Nope, it’s not a KDL, it’s an app_server crash (they both use the same fallback display system, hence the identical appearance):

KERN: vm_page_fault: thread "w:573:TrackerWindow" (582) in team "app_server" (466) tried to read address 0xaf2000, ip 0x2da78519eb ("" +0x5c9eb)
KERN: debug_server: Thread 582 entered the debugger: Segment violation
KERN: stack trace, current PC 0x2da78519eb tt_cmap4_validate + 0x1eb:

That’s … a crash in FreeType? That’s unbelievably weird, especially for a stock image that has no strange fonts.

You can type “save-report” at the prompt to save a debug report to ~/Desktop, and if you are on a writeable medium (USB stick…), this should be sufficient to write it to the disk, and you can retrieve the file from another OS and then make a ticket and attach the file to it.