Mac Parallels 15 - USB support

Hi All,

I did. a clean install of the latest nightly build install of Haiku in Parallels 15 and discovered that Haiku doesn’t show USB devices. The hardware profile Other, Other doesn’t have USB support so I added that. But: Haiku doesn’t detect/show the USB devices (external HD, 32 GB Fat32 formatted USB stick).

I can’t tell why Haiku doesn’t show the USB device. Anyone an idea?

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Have you attached the devices to the VM after enabling the USB support?

Yes. Before, during and after. I even took a machine that runs Windows 10, added the Haiku disk and booted. No USB.

I added the Parallels USB device before I installed Haiku. I tried USB 2 or 3 support, but that doesn’t make a difference.

Are you able to use USB devices in other virtualized OS? Just to see if it is a PEBKAC bug.

I understand your questions and yes: the Mac, windows or linux see the stick.

You checked the available drives in DriveSetup, or in the Tracker right click Mount menu, right?

No, but previous versions of Haiku simply gave an extra folder on the desktop. I reinstalled Haiku and did as you suggested. Yes, the USB stick is there, but wouldn’t it be more logical to auto-mount the stick? So thanks!

Check the auto-mount settings in the Tracker preferences window, here you can fine-tune what should happen.