LyX - Ported but with issue


yesterday i’ve also succesfully ported LyX - - on Haiku.
Start fine, you can import and save documents… But it crash every time that you click with mouse inside LyX. It crashes with a generic “SIGSEGV signal caught! Sorry, you have found a bug in LyX…”

I guess for some bug in Qt.
Any idea?

First of all, Wow! Thanks for another excellent port. Secondly, can you run it in the debugger and see where it crashes?

How about porting TeXmacs?

Giova84, can you compile the new version 4.0 of Texmaker?

This is the output from debugger:
Any idea?

Pastebin link does not work

Strange… Works for me.
In anyway i have pasted again:

Unfortunately it seems LyX catches the signal and prevents the program crashing, so it’s not possible to see the cause of the exception here.

[quote=greekboy]Giova84, can you compile the new version 4.0 of Texmaker?[/quote]

Texmaker on Haiku:
Texmaker On Haiku :wink:

I will do some test, then i will publish the archive!

the backtrace goes to hunspell (3rd party spellchecker). try to disable spellcheck at configure phase and see if it helps.