Lots of commits but NO new Nightly?

There has been no new nightly for a while. The commits are at 44269 but the nightly that can be gotten is 44242. Is the page not getting updated??

I have noticed that too. The last nightly build was June 14th. That is eleven days since the latest nightly build! Could this be a sign that a new Alpha 4 release is nigh? If i am not mistaken a similar thing happened shortly before Alpha 3!

Speaking of Alpha 3, it has now been over a year since it was released!

Or, it could just be a sign that the machine that was running the nightly builds experienced some serious issues and is no longer automatically building them.

But don’t let me stop the crazy speculation guys!

The lead developers are too busy trying to decide whether to replace the default “finger” mouse pointer with either a rocket ship or a little walking dinosaur.

Well, I hear that the nightly images were stopped, in preparation for Haiku to go closed source. :wink:

But seriously, cron wasn’t running on the build machine. Things should be back to normal now.