Is anyone in contact with Joseph Groover “LoonCraz”? He made great strides with his “phos” distro, adding multiuser and such. I would hope he would be helping with Haiku. Anyone hear from him?

Nobody’s heard from him?

I found his contact info. You should try emailing him to find out.


Thanks - I shot him an email.

I received an email from Joseph, and it seems he’s a busy bee in the way of Haiku. A small quote from the email -

I am planning a Haiku-based distro similar in goal to PhOS ( a power-user platform ),

He speaks of alot of things about his “PhOS/Haiku” distro and it sounds very exciting! Good to see he’s still on board with BeOS. I asked/hinted him to maybe publish a blog here or on haikuware to keep us in the loop, hopefully he does. For people unaware of Looncraz, just look here - http://www.osnews.com/story.php/6948/A-Peek-at-PhOS-BeOS-Dan0s-Unapproved-Brother and here [LINK TO LEGALLY QUESTIONABLE SOFTWARE REMOVED BY ADMIN].

Looks like an exciting year for Haiku. Soon we’ll have a BeOS that can’t be taken away with buyouts(Palm) or licensing issues(Zeta/Magnussoft). Thanks to all the people involved for providing all the hard work!

Not heard of him for a while good to bring it up! I tried Phos a couple of times and it’s more polished then zeta imho.

The “multiuser” thing in PhOS was barely a trick that shuffled folders around like Win95.
Unlike R5 which had real (unfinished) multiuser support, and the last Zeta where I started reimplementing it.
I plan on adding that to Haiku as well, the correct way.

Wohoo mmu_man, will we see that after this BG? (hint hint)

Sorry about the link, I should’ve thought of that before posting.