Looking for information about gnube

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I’m preparing a talk about Haiku for my colleagues. As for once I’ll have more than a 20-minute slot allocated, I’m digging into BeOS history and the various attempts to rewrite it. Browsing on archive.org backups of beunited.org, I found a “gnube” project that I didn’t know about. However its website was not archived and I don’t see much info about it, except some old references in this very forum.

So, I’ll have to rely on your living memory in order to rescue some information about it. Anyone remember what it was? What were the goals? Did it achieve anything?


There is a post https://qube.ru/forums/3/gnube (from 2005-05-11) in russian about this “gnube”, but what it sais, that new link ( http://www.gnube.org/ ) which appeared on BeUnited leads nowhere.
May be author of that post give you more info.

Well, the author seems as lost as me. So it seems the link never pointed anywhere?
I see it replaced “Mockup” at beunited, which was apparently a BeOS-inspired Linux distro, which planned some level of compatibility with BeOS but eventually went with Qt and KDE instead (and then disappeared shortly after).

I also found BeFree (https://sourceforge.net/p/befree/code/HEAD/tree/) which is from the same author as Mockup. So I’m going to assume Gnube and BeFree are more or less the same thing, unless someone has more information.

I don’t remember GnuBe from back in the day. The only references I can find are in relation to a project that was a forked AtheOS with BeOS kits built on top of it.

Which I vaguely remember, but I don’t remember the name of that project.

I don’t recall a GNUBe and the WayBack Machine seems to have archived only blank pages over 2006-2008; the time period the site was living on the web.

The project meshing Atheos and BeOS over the Linux kernel was called “Cosmoe”. Providing some links which may be of interest:




I dig a bit more and I not sure if GNUBe ever formally existed.

There is a blip in a comment to a post on BeGroovy about the initiation of an openbeos project on Sourceforge::


The comment in question is simply «The Be community has free software, group-oriented projects (OT, BeUnited) and though it’s suffered a little bit from the corporate interests of the mother company, a GNUBe isn’t the answer. Just look around at what we already have and be proud (though not so proud you’re complacent).»

There’s a mention of it in IRC logs from 2006: https://echelog.com/logs/browse/haiku/1154988000

And another mention on our own mailing list: http://haiku.freelists.narkive.com/E2KjLwAo/package-system-was-re-clipboard-etc

When I’m old enough to remember being a bit involved in beunited once, I can’t remember what was supposed to be gnube.