Looking for a "Native" Forth for Haiku


I’m writing an article for the magazine of the German Forth-Gesellschaft (https://forth-ev.de) about Haiku and the Forth programming language (it is part of a larger series about “alternative” operating systems).

Forth is an interesting programming language unlike “traditional” programming languages, and around for about 50 years now (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forth_(programming_language) ) .

I found that it is no problem to compile and run Forth-Systems that are written in portable C under Haiku.

But I wonder if there are Forth systems around that are specific to Haiku (for example having bindings to the Haiku API or even a GUI component).

I’ve searched the Internet, but as I’m relatively new to Haiku I might have missed such Forth systems.

If you have information about Forth on Haiku, please let me know.


Carsten Strotmann

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Hi Carsten,

Thanks for taking a look at Haiku. As far as I know, there is no Forth specific to Haiku. In fact, overall there has not been a serious effort to provide bindings for Haiku APIs for other languages.

I have personally had some interest in doing this myself but have not worked on anything yet. If I did I would consider using languages like Rust or ReasonML (a variation of OCaml.) Though I have been meaning to seriously try Forth for a while. “Normal life” and working on Haiku has kept me busy though.

Ryan Leavengood, Haiku developer

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Actually, there are some pretty comprehensive bindings for Perl and Python: http://haiku.healynet.org/cgi-bin/fossil/haiku-api-bindings/home

@return_0e also has work-in-progress node.js bindings. So, there is work out there.