Look up old backed up hrev version


After upgrating my Thinkpad X61s to R1/Beta1 I lost sound on my system (worked out of the box before). I havent followed the latest hrevs before upgrading to R1/Beta1, so I had a few weeks old hrev before upgrading. How do I find out which hrev version I had before I upgraded? I need it in order to do a proper bug report.


Check /system/packages/administrative

Thanks Diver! Looks like I was at 52159 when everything worked.

Is there any was to reverse to previous states, just to see if sound starts working again? Trying to narrow it down somehow.

When booting you can enter the boot options by holding SHIFT or hammering the spacebar. From “Select boot volume” there, you can go back to previous startes (date sorted).

Thanks for the help! Successfully submitted a ticket on the problem :slight_smile: