Localization for yab

Excuse me , just for my information, i would like to translate yabIDE in french.
How could i do this french file?
In boot/data/local/xnv-yabide/ i can’t open english or german file with styledit?

Hello spheris, to localize yab programs you gave to use the Yab-localizer. It works only with this app. I the localizer app is a description how to do that. It is important to following this how to.

The english file is the master.

Regards lorglas

Can you show me where is yab localizer, i don’t find it ?
repository? in app folder?

I am not at the pc, but take a search in haikudepot with the keyword localize. On the webside from haiku depot i found it.

A quick search on GitHub found https://github.com/lorglas/yab_localizer.

First version of fr.catalog here :
If you could integrate to your application…

I continue translation…

PS: in the past i have done this :
Find on the same server: TeaOS BeOS/Haiku interface desktop/Tracker for linux
Not finished but… Enjoy.

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I will take a look.

I have inserted an hpkg file in our repo just at the beginning it is easier to exchange the files.

Available for 32bit.
64bit coming soon

Hi, 64bit is online. But a little problem with yab a command on 64bit. Please, make your language file with32bit.

I must take a look.

regards lorglas