Loading Haiku on Windows 8

I have a brand new out of the box Lenovo PC model H520 and I need to install Haiku on this. However, it has Windows 8 on it and I can’t get to a boot screen to even try to boot from the Haiku CD. Also, is this system even compatible with Haiku?

check any documentation that came with your computer to see if there’s a key that needs to be held with the power button to get to the bios or the boot menu.

  1. check if your laptop has uefi. i think it thebcase for windows 8.

  2. i think haiku doesn’t support uefi.

  3. turn off secure boot and enable bios emulation.

  4. boot from haiku cd and hope your hardware is supported.



Depending on manufacturer’s UEFI implementation, “enable bios emulation” option is often called “load/enable CSM”, where CSM is Compability Support Module, an UEFI module that reimplement BIOS functions.